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Chiropractic Care for Back Pain

Back pain is one of the biggest problems faced by many Americans. Nearly everyone will experience back pain at some point in life. Your lumbar spine, which is in the lower back, plays an essential role in supporting your upper body weight. It also plays a crucial role in everyday movements like bending, making it vulnerable to injuries.

Back pain can be abrupt or build up over time. Whatever the case, it can rob your quality of life. Luckily, you don't have to bear the excruciating pain without help anymore. There is a solution that lies with our chiropractors. If you have back pain around Niles, MI, and Edwardsburg, MI, worry not. Clear Choice Chiropractic provides back pain treatment for patients in those areas. But first things first, let's find out what back pain entails.

Chiropractic Care for Back Pain

Symptoms of Back Pain

While signs may vary from one patient to another, there are common back pain symptoms. They may include:

  • The tightness and muscle spasms
  • Dull ache in your pelvis or hips
  • Radiating pain
  • Pain that worsens in the morning
  • Tingling and sharp pain in your lower back and tickles down one leg known as sciatica
  • Sudden weakness in your leg
  • Numbness and needles in the glutes or groin
  • Causes of back pain

Injuries or accidents cause back pain, but many other things may be behind it. Other causes of back pain include:

  • Age: Back pain is more prevalent in older people than for young people. The older we are, the more vulnerable we become to problems like back pain.
  • Obesity: When you are overweight, you cause too much stress on your back, which may result in back pain.
  • Your occupation: If your job involves lifting or pushing heavy objects, you are prone to back pain. Too much sitting in one place may also cause your back to have pain.
  • Some diseases: Some types of cancer or arthritis may cause back pain.
  • Sprains or strains: Strains and sprains brought by poor posture or repetitive movements are the major causes of lower back pain.
  • Herniated discs: When discs shift out of position, they may irritate nearby nerves, causing pain, tingling, and numbness.

How Our Chiropractors Treat Back Pain

Chiropractors specialize in treating musculoskeletal and spinal disorders. They use different non–invasive treatment techniques to alleviate pain. Some include:

  • Spinal manipulation: We use hands or specific instruments to align your spinal joints. As a result, spinal manipulation reduces inflammation, relieves joint pressure, and restores nerve function.
  • Exercise rehabilitation: It involves prescribed exercises and stretches to improve flexibility and range of motions
  • Trigger point therapy: Trigger points produce discomfort when pressed. Trigger point therapy identifies these points and relieves pain.

Depending on your back pain, we may also recommend massage therapy, nutritional counseling, lifestyle changes, and cold and hot therapy.

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